Try a DK Herman mystery today—

Try a DK Herman mystery today—

Try a DK Herman mystery today— Try a DK Herman mystery today— Try a DK Herman mystery today—

Relax, Read, and Be Entertained!

Reader Reviews

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"I enjoyed this book very much. What a twist at the end! Can't wait to get the next one." -Donna

"I will be watching for more of this author and series."- Kindle Customer

"Smart and sassy, what a great read. Author has a great sense of humor and I never suspected the ending of this whodunit." - Deb

"Darn it, just got to the romance part after several murders, lots of funny business, and drug making. I don't like having to wait until the next book to find out what happens." -Kindle Customer

"Great book. Kept me entertained. I enjoyed the characters and the way they interacted. I'd like to read more." - Hawktat 

"Another great read, can't wait to start the next one. All the characters are so much fun, please keep them coming." -Don 

"Well written. Tough subject matter with just a dash of romance and hilarity."

"I love it when I think I know who the villain is but find out I'm totally wrong at the end."

"Love this series. Impatiently waiting for book 5."

"Kept me guessing till the end."

”Hallie reminds me a little of Sue Grafton’s Kindsey Milhone.  The story kept me reading and I finished the book in a few days. I’m going to read the rest of the series.”

”Great writing. It really kept you wondering who the guilty one was. I just got the next one.”

”Great Read! I enjoyed the plot and humor. The characters were real and believable.”-Ruthie L

“I’ll be watching for more of this author and series.” Kindle Customer


You’ll love the amusing characters and twists & turns!

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